Pre-care Instructions

Permanent makeup pre-care instructions

1. Do not workout 48 hours before procedure
2. NO alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before your procedure
3. Avoid sun and tanning on your face 2 weeks prior to procedure
4. Do not take aspirin, niacin, Vitamin E or advil/motrin/ibuprofen 48 hours before your procedure
5. Avoid fish oil, prenatal vitamins, nutritional shakes (Shakeology, etc) any hair/skin/nail supplements 2 weeks prior to the procedure
6. Discontinue Retin-A, chemical/laser peels, microdermabrasions, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA), any chemical exfoliant or ” brightening” skincare at least 6 weeks prior. You may resume using these products once your brows are fully healed, but to prevent premature fading you must cover your tattoo with Vaseline
7. Botox and filler on the forehead, temple and eye area should be avoided 2 months prior to the procedure
8. No brow waxing, tinting or threading 1 week prior
Note: you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle

Eyelash Extension pre-care instructions

1. Arrive with a freshly cleaned face and impeccably clean lashes-DO NOT WEAR EYE MAKEUP
2. If you wear waterproof mascara, discontinue 3 days prior to appointment
3. Avoid any oil based products on and around the eyes
4. Arrive freshly showered and with clean hair- you won’t be able to get the lashes wet for the initial 24 hours after application
5. Remove contacts, if you wear them. It is recommended that you wear glasses on the day of your appointment
6. If you have allergies or sensitive eyes it is recommended you take an oral antihistamine (Benadryl/allegra/Claritin) prior to your appointment